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Q:  When will the new standards for the Georgia Food Code be enforced? 

A:  The latest revision of the Georgia Food Code was approved by the Georgia Department of Human Resources on January 17, 2007.  After a short period of adjustment, health inspectors were supposed to begin full enforcement on December 1, 2007.  However, we are aware that some local regulatory agencies have delayed implementation until they can fully train staff.  Please check with your local health agency for exact dates.

Q:  What are the requirements to be a Person-In-Charge?

A:  The person in charge (PIC) must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of food safety by either; a) being in compliance with the Food Code by example, b) being a Certified Food Protection/Safety Manager (CFPM / CFSM), c) Correctly answering a series of food safety-related questions posed by the health inspector. A PIC must physically be on the premises at all times when food is being prepared or served.

Q:  What is a Certified Food Protection / Safety Manager?

A:  The CFPM / CFSM must have taken and passed an accredited training program and exam that is approved by the State and the Conference for Food Protection.  In addition, the Food Code states that each establishment must have at least one certified person dedicated to that food establishment only. One CFPM/CFSM may not service multiple locations. The ServSafe training program satisfies the criteria for the CFPM in the state of Georgia.